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ANOUK - An Immersive Audio Walk 
Created for KI:s Culture Day

To kick off KI:s Culture Day, Svärmen in collaboration with Kroppens hus, have created a short immersive theatre experience. A mix between audiowalk and theatre blending into the everyday environment at Biomedicum, opening it up to briefly transforming into something else - another time, another building, another world. 


We will get a sneak peak into the future welfare society of Metropol, where the mystery of eternal life has been unlocked. No one dies there, and no one is allowed to be born. The audience will be invited to a fictional sales event for this glorious existence. But something, and someone, is lurking beneath the glossy surface. 


To participate, bring your headphones and your charged smartphone!


Kroppens Hus aims to educate about health using art as a medium. In collaboration with the performing arts collective Svärmen, they are set to enrich Kulturdagen 2023 with a unique and innovative layer of art and content that has not been seen before. This collaboration signifies their commitment to blending cultural experiences with health education in novel ways."

Concept, director and playwright: Joséphine Wistedt
Producer: Fredrik Lundqvist

Curator of arts: Andreas Blom
Curator of science: Anna Nordlander

Actors: Rosanna Santacruz Lindmarker, Fredrik Lundqvist
Voice actors: Rosanna Santacruz Lindmarker, Fredrik Lundqvist
Set design and costume: Fanny Senocq
Sound design: Fredrik Lundqvist
Choir: Biomusicum
Dramaturgical adviser: Jonas Bernander

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